Top 5 Benefits To Press Releases For Your Business & Brand

Top 5 Benefits To Press Releases For Your Business & Brand

  • By - Adam
  • 8 August, 2018

For small businesses, growth is ALWAYS the main focus and it’s proven to be a very difficult thing to achieve for most. With very limited experience, most businesses end up distributing their time & resources to sub-optimal practices and end up losing in the long term. In this short blog post, I’ll be sharing with you why you NEED to do press releases for your business & brand and the top 5 benefits of doing so.

You love your products and services. You perfected them to the best of your ability and now you want your customers (or future customers) to feel the same excitement and happiness that your products brings you.

However, there is one small issue.

How are you going to get your gift in front of potential customers’ eyes?

What is the most effective method to acquire a continuous flow of customers?

You might be interested in advertising your business on social media like Huge brands that invest hundreds of millions into advertising… but you don’t have that kind of budget.

You might be interested in buying a billboard and showing off your product to people driving by… but you don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at it.

So, you’re realistically left with 3 options:

  1. Network with extremely successful investors and hope that they’ll invest in you.
  2. Give your products/services initially for free and hope that word of mouth will take-off.
  3. Press Releases on wildly successful blogs and media distributors and predictably grow your business to your target level rapidly.

Obviously, the 3rd option is by-far the best.

However, you’re not let with another set of questions:

How do I do a press release? What do I do? Where do I do it? How do I get on the big blogs like Forbes, Entrepreneur etc…?

The funny thing is that you don’t need to answer that question because even if you have very low budget, you can hire a writing service that will represent the key to efficient and affordable self-promotion.

Press Releases have essentially no downsides apart from the upfront investment that is usually negligible when comparing it to the top 5 benefits that press releases will bring for your businesses.

These main benefits are:

1. Instant Flood Of Qualified Clients

This is by-far one of the best benefits of press releases.

There have been various studies that show that around 79 million people from around the world go online DAILY and they usually look for popular stories or insight about topics that they are interested in.

This insane number shows how important it is to feature on reputable blogs in your industry and have them boost your business to the next level.

You could also start your own blog BUT when it comes to search engine rankings and fan page sizes, your blog posts will be essentially invisible to anyone that doesn’t already consistently engage with your business in the first place.

And that is where press releases come in.

Press releases aim to present your business/brand in a very positive light and will engage the readers in an emotional way and will definitely make you seem like an almost-authority and trustworthy which obviously increases the likelihood of them becoming customers.

Imagine stumbling upon a blog post from a source which you deem as incredibly reputable and essentially recommending a new “up-and-coming” brand which wants to make a dent in the industry and help millions of people with whatever product they have.

How do you think the visitor will react?

Some of the readers, will look at the post and just continue with their day without giving you a chance.

Some of the readers, will go through the entire post, show interest in your brand… but not visit your business because they’re super busy or you weren’t persuasive enough with your press release. 


Some of the readers, will go through the entire press release, feel your authenticity, feel your personality and WANT to be a part of the initial cog-wheel that will boost you into the masses.

Those visitors are HUNGRY for more of what you want to offer and will immediately go to your business/website and become very qualified potential clients.

From then on, it’s entirely up to how you present yourself and your capability of having them give you a shot.

Now you understand how this can easily snowball down a hill and grow into something super HUGE.

All you need is someone that know how to create press releases that get read and persuade people, someone that is connected with huge blogs and writers… and the rest is history.

Apart from that, you’ll need different type of press releases to put different sides of your business on a silver platter.

Some press releases should show your vulnerable side and help people relate to you more and become more likeable in their eyes.

Some press releases should show your authoritative size and make it clear to the readers that you are the real deal and that your products/services are the best they they can buy when looking for something that will solve some inner-issue.

Other press releases are just to increase your brand awareness and reach the most people possible so you’ll become an unbeatable brand

  • 2. Increase Your Sales Potential & Scale To Your Goal Rapidly

  • This might sound like it’s too good to be true but I’ll show you how feasible and realistic it is.

    After you create a press release, your brand is immediately perceived as being insanely credible since you’re essentially endorsed by this huge blog.

    Now let’s say that the blog only gets 1,000 readers every day.

    500 of them won’t read your press release because your singing isn’t right for their ear.

    250 of them read half the post, lose interest and stop reading.

    250 of them read the entire post, become fond of your story/business and give your business/website a chance.

    Obviously, not all of them will buy but those 250 are incredibly qualified and ready to give you a shot regardless of what your product and service is because you resonated with them.

    Even if you take a very conservative look at this example, it’s very likely that 25 of the 1000 will try you out (and some of them will even become lifelong fans of your brand if you amaze them).

    That’s 1,000 pairs of new eyes that you would’ve never had if you didn’t pay someone that knows how to write press releases and someone that has connections with blogs that get 1,000 readers every day.

    You’re probably wondering - “Hey, that’s cool and all but what if I want to have 100 sales on launch instead?”

    Simple, reach out to more 1,000 reader blogs with similar press releases.

    If you want to scale even faster, reach out to even BIGGER blogs more frequently with different press releases.

    It all comes down to what your goals are and how fast you want to achieve them.

    It’s that simple.

    Obviously, once your business become extremely profitable and have a substantial amount of cash flow, you can scale this way faster by multiplying your efforts when it comes to press releases and even look into social media advertising and other possibilities.

    You can start by being endorsed by small blogs once every-so-often, then start being endorsed by medium siced blogs more frequently AND once you have a substantial amount of cash flow, scale that to a consistent flow of press releases being written for your brand on different angles( rapport, authority etc…) on HUGE BLOGS very frequently.

    You can see how this can rapidly transform your business’s life right?


  • 3. Amazing Public Relations & Search Engine Rankings

  • This might seem like a pretty obvious upside but if you’re being platformed and endorsed by all these huge reputable blogs/companies in your industry, your level of authority and credibility will sky-rocket and will enhance the perception of your business from the public’s eye.

    Apart from that - when you’re trying to be constantly in front of your target audience, you want to distribute your content across all the channels or platforms that they are on.

    It’s absolutely VITAL to explore all these mediums and this can be done with just press releases since most of these huge reputable blogs, already have huge established presences on the main platforms of your target audience.

    And this can’t really be achieved if you don’t have a solid relationship with journalists currently.

    However, that can be easily hijacked by talking with someone that already has these connections or a Press Release company that already cultivated a vast amount of lucrative connections that you could benefit from.

    Journalists are constantly on the outlook for great stories to share with their passionate & loving audience that will happily consume your story.

    A well-written press release will enable you to capture the attention of an absurd amount of media outlets and create win-win situations with influencers in your industry who need to cover interesting facts to stay relevant in that specific industry.

    Apart from that, press releases published by several huge media outlets will provide you with valuable backlinks to your main website.

    When it comes to search engine ranking, this is a huge contributing factor.

    In the past, the main driver of SEO was the amount of backlinks that you had (websites that linked back to your website), however nowadays Google values the authority of the backlinks way more than the amount.

    For example, one Forbes backlink will rank you higher than 100 “low-authority” website backlinks since Forbes has been around for so long, has a ton of backlinks itself, gets millions of visitors and has a ton of other positive contributing factors.

    If you really want to optimize your website’s SEO, there are a couple of other things that you can do.

    First of all , you can make your websites searchable by implementing search terms that people usually search for when it  comes to your industry.

    You can also create a handful of tags that will associate your website to a certain topic or industry-specific keywords which are extremely important to your industry.

  • 4. Attract Wealthy Investors Who Are On The Lookout For Opportunities

  • The fastest way to scale your business is by advertising it to your target audience as fast and frequently as you can but you can’t do it because you have no investing budget.

    So, what better way to scale rapidly than to onboard an investor that loves what you do and the vision you have for your business?

    Now, you can just get a list of investors from all walks of life and annoy them via calls and messages OR stumble in front of their eyes constantly via press releases on their favourite media channels and have them reach out to you and want to invest in you.

    Call me crazy but I believe that that the second option is substantially more beneficial for you and makes you seem more of an authority since he’s reaching out to you based on the fact that he loved your story and what you stand for rather than being perceived as just another business that is annoying you via text messages or phone calls wants an investment with a hidden agenda for a likely “less than beneficial” trade for the investor.

    Apart from being the effortless & simplest method to build your online reputation and increase visibility of your business to your target audience and apart from making your products way more desirable in the eyes of your prospects and attract your clients, press releases can also help you capture the attention of these influential investors who are likely to become sponsors of your dreams, lift up your startup off the ground and fuel your business to hit your dream goal as rapidly and as efficiently as humanly possible.

  • 5. Be Immediately Perceived As An Industry Leader

  • Press releases are an AMAZING way to create trust and credibility with your target audience with a snap of a finger.

    One excellent PR campaign can literally take your business from nothing to a million dollar company.

    Just look at the start of these current huge software companies like Uber and Lyft and how the they went from 0 to billions of dollars in revenue through word of mouth and a ton of public exposure through press releases and endorsements from huge blogs like Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur and more of the sorts.

    If a new business tries to compete with them, they are already set to fail just based on how authorities they’re already perceived in the driving industry right now.

    Authority hijacking similar to the method that these businesses utilised can be easily replicated by press writing services that have done this successfully a million times already and are a very affordable method of self-promotion.

    And that’s it!

    Those are the top 5 benefits of press releases and why you NEED to incorporate them in your growing and scaling strategy when it comes to your business and brand.

    Now you really have 3 options.

    You can either not to anything and not even bother with press releases for one reason or another.

    You can try it all by yourself - write your first ever press release, try and get some small blogs to post it on their media profiles and websites.


    You can choose a Press Release Distribution Service that will do everything for you for a small investment.

    Since you’re very familiar with the benefits of what a successful press release can do for your life, you’re probably wondering how to select the most suitable distribution service.

    Well, since there are sever free and paid alternatives at your disposal, it is very important that you filter the options based on their reviews, their cost and their experience working with people in your industry specifically.

    Don’t just go with the first options you stumble upon when searching “press release distribution service” on google but do your due diligence and research a handful or reputable companies that provide these services for businesses from all walks of life and see which one fits you the best.

    With that being said, I hope that you really consider press releases for your businesses especially given the amount of new businesses that start every single year without a real “distribution plan” and end up closing just because they haven’t found the best channel for themselves.

    If those businesses that closed tried press releasing, I promise you that they would be around to this day and achieve an unfathomable level of success that most people can’t even comprehend.

    Thank you so much for reading this entire blog post and I wish you and your business an amazing life and I know that going forward, you have an opportunity available at your fingertips which will most likely result in a very lucrative future if you choose to take advantage of it.


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